VoIP services have now replaced the desk covered with a bank of phones and computers with a video teleconferencing system and the room has been renamed ‘The Virtual Conference Room’ (VCR).

We’re in the process of upgrading the desk area to accommodate the new additions, which will cost 13,000. This will enable a number of new services to be added to the desk, such as:

A dedicated Business Phone number for calls between business clients, this was one of the best ideas they had, as having a business phone number is one of the best ways to communicate with customers.

The ability to host small business meetings from anywhere in the building

on the conference floor

The ability to invite other VCR users from any device to a conference

The upgrades will make the VCR a’must-have’ feature of the building, enabling visitors from outside the city centre to easily contact councillors, staff and developers from the comfort of their own computer. We would like to invite you to take a look at the progress of these upgrades at www.davidbrennan.gov.uk/vcr.

This upgrade is part of our long term vision for the future of the city centre, to make our streets, squares and community spaces more productive, more accessible and more human-scale.

The Mayor of Westminster has welcomed the development.

Lord Carlile said:

“This is an incredibly exciting project and will transform our local business district. I am absolutely delighted that this is being developed as part of the Mayor’s vision for the City Centre, with major improvements including new road space and business rooms. “The investment will create thousands of jobs in this vibrant and busy district and significantly improve London’s economic development. It also has a major impact on the environment. As part of a larger plan to regenerate the City of Westminster, and to strengthen and widen the East Thames River Pathway, we are planning to improve the area’s environmental footprint by up to 40%. “We are also expanding the existing Cycle Superhighway route through the area and creating new segregated cycle lanes in the area.” A further 11m will be invested to build the new car park at Old Street, enabling the regeneration of the junction of Old Street and the new car park to extend to the entrance of Westminster Abbey, where the Church of England’s Great Council Chamber is currently located. The car park is needed to provide much-needed accommodation for Parliament’s custodial staff, including parliamentary secretaries, during the winter months. Parliament’s custodial staff will also be able to commute across the River Thames via the new tunnel between Westminster Abbey and the Southwark Bridge, and to use the M25 southbound from Old Street.

New tunnels are also being provided in and around St Martin’s Street and the Royal Mile as part of the 3bn upgrade to the tunneling network.

The 25m project will also help alleviate congestion caused by the construction of the Crossrail link, with the tunnels being built for the wider public benefit, allowing the new tunnel to reduce demand on the Thameslink services.

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