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The pathway to discovering what makes you REMARKABLE.

An image of a blue pathway with the words "BrandIGNITION is a customizable, multi-phase process" which is the beginning of the pathway describing Fire & Rain's branding services.
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An image of a curvy blue pathway with the words "and foster organizational alignment with their brand,"
An image of a curved blue pathway with the words "helping them fulfill the brand experience they promise their customers"
An image showing the end of Fire & Rain's branding process, featuring a blue pathway with the words "thereby strengthening the organization's reputation in the marketplace."
Fire & Rain's branding process is the path to finding what makes your business remarkable

BrandIGNITION is a customizable, multi-phase process designed to help our clients gain clarity about what their brand stands for and to foster organizational alignment around their brand so that customers experience the promise that organizations make to them which strengthens the organization’s reputation.

Test your brand IQ

What is the foundation of business success?

Your Brand Promise summarizes how you build customer trust by meeting their expectations and fulfilling their needs. It defines what your customers can expect from you every day. Making sure your Brand Promise is believable and consistently deliverable is fundamental to business success.

What is your organization’s brightest guiding light?

Your brand is a strategic decision-making guide for your organization. It determines the promise you make to your customers and defines the way you market yourself through your people, processes and your promotions. It helps prioritize how resources are allocated and what goals should be set.

Do you know the most direct route to building customer loyalty?

Loyal customers are nurtured through the consistent delivery of an experience valued by customers. Organizations that understand what motivates their customers and then manage themselves to consistently fulfill the experience customers value are more likely to succeed.

How do you forge strong emotional connections with your customers?

Accurately expressing your brand’s strongest attributes can become the single most important factor why one brand will be chosen over another.

Do you know how to maximize your competitive synergies?

Organizations that find alignment around what sets them apart from the rest are better positioned to compete in today’s marketplace.

What encapsulates all that you stand for in the marketplace?

Your brand reflects your reputation in the marketplace. It encapsulates the promised experience customers can expect with your brand.

If people believe they share values with a company,
they will stay loyal to the brand.

Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks

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