The BrandIGNITION process

First, a little background

Branding started when ranchers marked their cows as a way to help keep them from getting lost in other ranchers’ herds.

Later, retailers applied a name or mark to their products, so it was clear who made them.

Over the years, the concept of brand has evolved to include customers‘ perceptions of a product or service, or the image or feeling that is evoked when customers hear the name of your product or organization.

In short, a brand encapsulates everything that the public thinks it knows about your organization and what it offers—both factual or emotional.

A branding process with broad perspective:

Crafted and refined over the past three decades, BrandIGNITION is fully customizable to fit any goal or need. We work with clients wherever they are, from building a brand from the ground up, to helping well-established brands find better ways of communicating with customers.

BrandIGNITION includes:

We start by sitting down with you to talk about your goals. This conversation helps us tailor-fit a BrandIGNITION solution that meets your needs.

Brand Audit
Your brand exists in the hearts of your customers. Therefore, BrandIGNITION starts with market research and analysis of how your brand is currently expressed and perceived. We assess everything from existing customer perceptions of your brand, national trends and preferences, collateral and advertising from your competition, social media and internal communications.

This off-site workshop pairs a select team of key opinion leaders from your company with our BrandIGNITION facilitators. Together we work through a series of activities and discussions custom-designed to foster collaboration and alignment around the topics listed below.

  • Brand Personality: A brand’s personality can be the single most important reason why one brand will be chosen over another. Companies assign human personality traits to their brand to make their brand more relatable to people, to forge an emotional link that binds customers to their brand and to express the sort of emotional experience a customer can expect while engaged with a brand.
  • Brand Mission Statement: Your Brand Mission Statement expresses what you do, how you do it and why you do it. It clearly expresses why an organization exists and the ultimate result of its work. Continue this thought: “We exist to…”
  • The Marketplace: Summit participants analyze the competition, review customer survey results and reflect on their own strengths in the marketplace.
  • Primary Advantage: What sets you apart from all the rest? The characteristics that set a company apart and establish its reputation in the market define your Primary Advantage. “I’ve heard of them. They are the company that…”

Brand Platform and Promise
The outcomes of both the audit and summit are analyzed and used to develop your Brand Platform—the strategic framework underpinning all decisions involving the brand, from advertising and promotions to the actions and words of employees. We also help craft a Brand Promise statement, which encapsulates the experience customers can expect with your brand.

Translating a Brand Platform into tangible expressions of your brand is a specialty that we have developed over the decades. During this phase, we design message and visual treatments in the form of sample collateral in order to demonstrate how your brand can come to life.

With Platform and Creative in hand, we continue to partner with you to establish priorities for developing a marketing plan-of-action.

Want to learn more?

One of our brand strategists will be happy to help you better understand how our branding process can fit your needs.

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