Exceptional experiences

Real Patients Communicate With Impact.

Nothing conveys the power of real people telling their own stories. That’s what this campaign is intended to do—let real patients tell their own stories. Early in the discussions with the Deaconess marketing team, we decided that telling the stories of real cancer patients would be central to communicating the message that Deaconess provides exceptional experiences for their patients. Having actual patients explain those experiences on camera would provide a glimpse into the “human side” of cancer care.


As the interviews were being recorded, it became clear just how special these people were and how unique the relationship they shared with their caregivers truly was. The limits of a 30 or 60 second TV spot were not sufficient to convey these powerful human stories. So, the team decided to go the extra mile and produce extended interviews to be served from the Deaconess website. Once produced, the extended interviews turned a successful marketing campaign into something more. The campaign became a community service—an educational tool for those looking for answers and reasons to hope as they face their own battle with cancer.





It takes the right match to ignite your brand.

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