Exceptional experiences

Gathering Fireflies for Grandmother.

A little boy wants to make his grandmother feel better. On his way to visit her at Deaconess, he collects a surprise for her—a collection of “fireflies” that are actually Deaconess brand icons—part of the Deaconess logo. Through this brand campaign including TV, direct mail, print advertising and other collateral, the Deaconess fireflies become infused with meaning: exceptional experiences, health and wellbeing, trust and confidence. As the fireflies float about in the little boy’s jar and all around him and his grandmother, (in the TV spot), they symbolize all that patients can expect to receive from their stay and treatment at Deaconess.

Fire & Rain worked closely with the brand team at Deaconess to develop the idea of using their brand icon to depict all the wonderful experiences that patients have when in the care of Deaconess. Deaconess fireflies will be a continuing visual theme in all brand communications.





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