Client: Midwestern Pet Foods

Product: Pro Pac Dog Food


Pro Pac People

In our pre-production creative sessions with Midwestern Pet Foods, we learned that Pro Pac customers were somewhat fanatical about their pets and the nutrition the food provided. So we came up with the concept of “Pro Pac People” to show the diversity of people who love their pets and the unity they had in providing their pets the very best nutrition.


Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic from Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc., is a dog food line combining proteins, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals — all selected to support pet wellness, and all the ingredients you would want for the humans in your family, as well. So, taking the approach that it’s not always easy to get our kids excited about eating healthy foods like vegetables, we created a fun bait and switch when it comes to what mom is preparing for dinner.

It takes the right match to ignite your brand.

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