Training Solutions That Fit

We make reaching your sales training goals easier

Fire & Rain is committed to partnering with you to create training solutions that come as close to what teams experience in the field as possible. We align your teams with a clear strategic focus, get your sales reps up to speed and ready to sell, and set your company on the pathway to its vision.


We make it easier on you by:

Creating customized training programs that meet the specific learning objectives of your team.

Providing you with a single point of contact which enables us to be nimble and responsive

Providing a team of experts who understands the rapidly changing needs of adult learners

Making learning stick

Fire & Rain’s expertise makes a difference. We understand that impacting real change requires deep learning through customized activities that are designed to spark creativity, exploration and retention.

There is one constant that can dull a competitive edge more than any other—change.


Fire & Rain knows that change is the great equalizer. Over time, knowledge and skill can erode, becoming foggy and elusive, dulling a competitive edge and leveling the playing field.

In the pharmaceutical and other industries, change must be addressed constantly. Whether it’s responding to unexpected regulations, new product entrants, strategic shifts in market direction, or ever-changing market access issues, it’s imperative that your sales force be equipped to handle a vortex of situations and challenges.

Knowing how to confidently articulate to customers the marketing, sales or clinical-based information that is applicable to patients’ or customers’ needs while staying on-message, is what keeps your sales team at the top of their game and your company dominating its field.

No matter your industry, we can help. Fire & Rain has extensive pharmaceutical experience, and we have also conducted work with commercial and industrial organizations.

Partner with F&R

Fire & Rain knows that it’s not about winning as much as it is about continually improving. Let’s partner together to create training solutions that fit your evolving business needs.

Employment Opportunity

Fire & Rain offers a rewarding culture that celebrates independent thinking and creativity. We are always looking for talented contract and freelance individuals to help us in the execution of our clients’ educational endeavors.

We partner with talented individuals with sales training experience in pharma and other industries who are looking for freelance opportunities in instructional design, learning strategies, digital development, medical writing or graphic design.

If you like to work with an agency that treats you like a partner and values your expertise and experience, please forward your resume and contact information.

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